Аerial acrobatics

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valerie-2Aerial act — is the King of the circus art, that is why our aerial artists do beautiful and the most unconceivable stunts in danger of their lifes. They surprise the audience with boundless opportunities of human spirit and body! In the circus world this genre is the most bewitching. Aerialists combine remarkable strength, extreme flexibility and creativity to add a touch of the spectacular to any event. If you are a true thrill-seeker and want to experience the danger, which artist have to face, you have to see brilliant performances of Kara ShowArt aerial artists! Every act is a combination of thrill-giving acrobatic stunts, live music and fascinating atmosphere!

On this page you can find more about the types of offered performances: artists work on different forms of aerial equipment including Silks, Rings, Ropes and Trapeze creating fascinating and graceful high impact performances. They range from elegant and breath-taking stunts to humorous entertainment.

Surprise the audience with remarkable spectacle for any event! This is a popular choice with those looking to offer guests a spectacular and truly exciting visual spectacle, making it an ideal entertainment option!

Our aerial acrobats