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comedyKara ShowArt comedy show is a great way to entertain your guests. Comedians make everything to bring smiles to the faces of your guests. This might be through jokes or amusing situations, acting a fool or performing prop comedy. Artists do incredible stunts using spinning plates, magic props and even a dog to make you laugh.

You can hire comedy artists performing in modern juggling genre with luminous and fire props, comedy artists performing on minitramp and many other impressive acts! Incredible to watch, brilliantly imaginative and totally hilarious!

Our comedy artists will leave your guests in amazement with astonishing stunts and laugh out loud comedy!
We offer you a possibility to hire a comedian for your upcoming event that you will be sure to love. Whether it is a show-program or concert , there is never a crowd that is not in the mood to watch funny performances with wow-effect! Just be sure you are prepared for your cheeks to hurt!

Our comedians